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Who are we? Well, noone really, I'm someone who has owned 4 Metro Turbo's, and currently have a MG Metro.
I have had many experiences with MT's, many being bad, but don't let that put you off, you can't
make an omelet without breaking some egg's, right?
And this so much applies to the MT!
Through pure trial and error, learning, and experiencing  things for myself, I think I have a
pretty good idea of what goes, and what is a no-go for an MT!

OK, here is a pic of the very first Metro Turbo I owned, yer, I know, it's crap:

Any way, this one died, OK OK, I KILLED it!
The mods?
Lowered all round, front Boge sports shocks, dump valve, bleed valve; boost at god knows!, open front grill,
colour coded arch kit, doors, panels.
Now, the reason it died, basically, it was screwed BEFORE I started to mod it!
The clutch had gone, so I purchased a new one, the garage then proceeded to screw it up, and it had another one!
(the trouble I had with the garage, was enough to put me off Metro's for life, but that's another story!)
Problems, arose around the front being so low, the CV joints used to pop out of the hubs, and it loss all drive, not good!
So, I HAD it repumped like 3 times before finding what I call `optimal` ride height, explained in tuning!
OK, after that sorted, the turbo decided to die, due to lack of oil, because of a blockage! DOH!
Remember chimps, do an oil change on these buggers every 3000 miles, or regret it!!!!
And so I bought a second hand one, £50, stripped the engine replaced it, it worked!
Yer, for like a day! And because I had not actually bothered to unblock the blockage, that one died to!
OK, so I drove, powerless, and then slowly it refused to start, and I sold it for like £50.


Well, the end of the first one, by now, I was hooked on Metro Turbo's, I could not get enough of them!
I mean, it was so fun pulling up along side an unsuspecting driver in a Nova, or even an RST, and putting your foot down,
and suddenly, they hear a wheeee of a turbo, and tishhhhhh of a dump valve!
Yes, I surprised many faces around my town!
I think that's what makes them so fun, they look small, and totally unscary!
But with few mods, they can be more fun, more scary, and sometimes a mechanics nightmare....

So, let's continue to the rest of the site........