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      Lowering & Suspension

OK, what's important here, is to remember that low ride height = less travel = flintstones car!
Don't understand????
Well, basically, you will feel every bump in the road, it will bottom out, and the ride will be very bouncy.

OK, so what do we do here?
Well, lets understand the Metros' suspension setup, but without going into it too much!
Right, it uses hydrolastic setups on all 4 corners, OK, on MT's there is additional shock absorbers to,
YES there should be, check, if you're missing them, go get some!
For the front shocks, the easiest way, is to uprate those dampers, Spax do some great ones,
and you could even opt for the adjustables!

The front 2 suspension points have separate gas charged, and alcohol mix filled containers,
the rear having one fill point filling 2 rear containers.
With me so far?
The ride height is determined by a number if things, but the main one being, the amount of fluid
in these units.
So, less fluid means lower ride, but also less dampening, and less stiffness.

So, what needs to be done, is the following:

Source: Revs May97

Motobuild used to do this all for you, but they do not, as far as I know anymore.
So, if you can get the parts to a machine/engineers, they will happily do the work, then take it to a garage, get the suspension de-pressurised.
And either get a garage to refit and repump the system, or do it yourself.
This not only allows the car to sit lower, but also importantly stiffens the ride!