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NB: The following tuning guide is based upon my own experiences, work and knowledge.
The following may or may not work or apply to your Metro Turbo.
Reader's use the information provided at their own risk, no responsibility will be taken for loss, damage or injury as a result.
(Don't let this put you off.........hey come back!)

OK, I'm going to split this section into:

 Boost Upgrade

      Intercooler Fitment

        Dump Valve fitment

       Exhaust & Air Filters

    Flowing The Carb

               Lowering & Suspension

SOON!: DIY water injection

To find out where to purchase parts for tuning a Metro Turbo, check out the Contacts section of this website.

TOP TIPS to make your Metro love you:

1: Get it rolling roaded for optimum performance and running
2: Change the oil/filter (10w40)
3: Pour some redex through the carb/spray carb cleaner into the intake
4: Fill the carb piston damper with fresh motor oil (10w40) or thicker
5: Buy a Haynes manual